The lessons in Teach Us to Love are presented by unseen celestial teachers whose special mission is to teach us the ways of love.  Their instructions show us how to be still and know God as a loving Father and Mother.  As we experience this sublime love, we begin to understand our infinite value in God’s eyes.  Confidence in our own worth allows God’s love to overflow, uplifting ourselves and others. 

This book not only teaches love, it also guides you into a lifetime of inner exploration  and higher awareness.  In addition to an easy seven-step meditative technique that helps you identify and receive divine guidance, you will also learn: 

  •   methods of effective prayer
  •   forgiveness as a healing tool
  •   how to discern the presence of God in others
  •   how to build inner confidence through living faith

Deepen your insight into your real life — your spiritual life.


"In developing a relationship with God, you will come to know your true self and how to best express your creative personality potential." (page 6)


“This is a book to be read, re-read, and incorporated into one’s life adventure.”

- Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark, Professor Emerita, Southern Georgia University

“Teach Us To Love is an elegant, inspiring guide to personal transformation.”

- John Otranto, Commander, US Coast Guard


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